A High Protection Factor
Escape Set for the Red Zone

Protection even for wearers with facial hair.


  • FAST-cowl – Quick donning and high protection factor?Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA).
  • For?high protection factor?operations in the?red?zone
  • Also the perfect escape set for wearers with?facial hair/beards
  • Unique expanding head harness instantly activates upon deployment
  • Only when a face seal is achieved does the harness automatically tension
  • Automatic positive pressure demand valve
  • Donning the FAST-cowl is so simple the wearer cannot make a mistake
  • Optional airline cascade coupling and?QuickFill?high pressure refill coupling
  • Escape sets?available in 15 and 20 minute durations
  • ?version available for standard operations only requiring benefit of quick donning

The FAST-cowl high protection factor escape set from Cam Lock provides instant protection in less than 5 seconds! Perfect for wearers with beards/facial hair, the unique and patented expanding head harness makes the FAST-cowl an?escape BA respirator?with a difference.

Cam Lock has developed the?FAST-cowl?specifially for?high protection factor?operations and wearers with facial hair. The harness automatically activates as soon as a face seal is achieved and not a second before. This helps to ensure maximum speed and simplicity for the wearer exposed to a potentially dangerous atmosphere

The FAST-cowl is also available in a?, perfect for standard operations where wearers only need the benefit of a?.

格鲁竞技Available in 15 or 20 minute durations and featuring airline cascade couple and Quickfill high pressure refill coupling -the FAST-cowl truly is the fastest, safest means of donning an escape set face mask.

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